Freitag, 29. Juli 2016


Chiang Mai was our first stop in Thailand and I totally fell in love with this city. Every few
hundred meters you pass by a temple while strolling around and the most important city of the North
is somehow not at all touristy. It's self evident that you will bump into some tourists on the night
market and in the temples but besides of that it's super easy to avoid them. You just have to
go where the locals go in their daily life and that's definitely not the night market.

Instead, the Warorot Market is the place to be for them. It stretches across three levels, is full with
life and Thais are bustling about everywhere. No matter what you are looking for I'm sure you will find
it there! Another nice local market - that only takes place in the morning - is close to the Chiang Mai
Gate. You'll find loads of fresh fruits and vegetables there but make sure to try Khanom Krok, a super
delicious, typical Thai 'pudding' with coconut. There is just one old lady offering them and she is
the cutest! Besides, the price is incredibly good, you'll get one portion for 10 Baht so 25 Cent!

Like I mentioned before, Chaing Mai has loads of temples but there are three you definitely
have to visit. The Wat Chiang Mai - the first temple of the city -, the Wat Chedi Luang and the
Wat Phra Singh. All of them are worth a visit and give you a good impression of Thailand's culture.
But make sure to show some respect and cover up, everything else would be super rude!

My highlight was a Thai cooking course we got recommended in Australia, that was honestly so much
fun! In comparison to other cooking schools ours was definitely pretty expensive but the whole experience
was just perfect. The facilities where extremely clean, the groups small and the staff super friendly. After
deciding on what to cook (everyone was able to choose five individual dishes) we went to a local market to
get the fresh ingredients. Our "teacher" told us a lot about them and about possible replacements we
could use at home. I was honestly so impressed by the taste of the dishes we created in the end,
everything was super delicious! I couldn't really believe that I did them myself... Before getting dropped
off at our hotel, we got a cookbook with the recipes of all fourteen dishes we were able to choose
from so now that I'm back home I will definitely do some of them for my family.

If one of you is ever going to Thailand please make your way up to Chiang Mai. I loved the whole
three weeks of traveling around and the islands and Bangkok are great but the first days in the North...
For me definitely by far the best part of our time in the land of smiles.

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Montag, 11. Juli 2016


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Freitag, 1. Juli 2016


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Nirgendwo kann ich mich so gut fallen lassen, wie in meinem Bett. Egal ob ich lese, lerne, Filme gucke, mit
Freunden quatsche - letztendlich findet das alles eigentlich immer in meinem Bett statt. Kein Wunder also, dass
es mein Lieblingsplatz ist. Und weil ich dort so viel Zeit verbringe, muss mein Bett natürlich extrem weich und
bequem sein - und schön anzusehen! Momentan mag ich es am liebsten clean - Bettwäsche in weiß und/oder
grau eignet sich dafür super. Dazu noch ein Haufen Kissen - perfekt! Heute zeige ich euch ein paar coole
Tumblr-Inspirationen und Alternativen von H&M, Witt Weiden u.ä. zum Nachkaufen und -stylen.
Welche Zusammenstellung gefällt euch besser? Und wie mögt ihr eure Wohnung/euer Zimmer/euer Bett
am liebsten? Clean oder farbenfroh? Lasst es mich gerne in den Kommentaren wissen, bin gespannt!

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Montag, 20. Juni 2016


Sind diese Handyhüllen nicht ein Traum? Momentan sieht man Cases in Mamor-Optik ja überall auf Instagram
und Tumblr, aber bei CaseApp hat man nicht nur eine Auswahl an unfassbar vielen verschiedenen Mamor-Designs,
sondern kann diese auch noch personalisieren - sei es mit einem Foto oder in Form eines Schriftzuges.

Da ich sowieso auf der Suche nach einem Geschenk für meine Cousine war und weiß, dass sie schon seit
Langem nach einer solchen Hülle sucht, habe ich mich für diese beiden Stücke entschieden. Mit Hilfe der Initialen
ihres Namens habe ich die Cases noch etwas persönlicher gestaltet - in meinen Augen eine super schöne,
besondere und persönliche Geschenkidee! Außerdem macht es irgendwie Spaß, die Handyhüllen zu gestalten...

Aber nicht nur meine Cousine wird beschenkt, sondern auch eine/einer von euch! 
Hierzu müsst ihr nur folgende Schritte befolgen:

1. Folgt mir via GFC oder bloglovin - immerhin ist die Verlosung ja für meine lieben Leser.
2. Schreibt einen Kommentar mit eurer Mailadresse und lasst mich wissen, welche der beiden Hüllen Euer Favorit ist.
3. Wer mag, kann CaseApp noch auf Instagram folgen. Dafür gibt es ein Extralos!

Und schon habt ihr die Möglichkeit, eine Handy- oder Laptophülle zu gewinnen und diese bei CaseApp kreativ
und ganz individuell zu gestaltenDer Gewinner/die Gewinnerin wird dann von mir persönlich kontaktiert.
Cases - CaseApp*

Für alle anderen gibt es als Trostpreis aber auch eine Kleinigkeit. Denn mit dem Code "SUMMERLIGHTS20"
könnt ihr bis zum 9. Juli 20% Rabatt auf eure Bestellung bei CaseApp erhalten.

Klickt euch einfach mal durch die wunderschönen Designs und lasst eurer Kreativität freien Lauf! 

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Freitag, 10. Juni 2016


As you might have guessed, Sydney isn't necessarily the cheapest city to visit. Especially after traveling
for a few months you just don't want to spend a lot of money anymore because living in hostels,
paying for groceries etc is expensive enough! Luckily, you don't have to stay in the hostel the whole day
just to avoid paying for anything since there is actually quite a lot of stuff you can do for free or for
very little money. Here are my "top six things to do in Syndey for travelers on a budget".

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Let's start with some cultural attractions. The Art Gallery of New South Wales for example is really, really
interesting with loads of different, partly changing exhibitions and doesn't cost you a penny. Further options are
the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Australian National Maritime Museum which are both for free as well.

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Feeling hungry but you don't at all fancy the food you have got in the fridge at the hostel? Lentil
as Anything it is then. I actually didn't check out the one in Sydney (391 King Street, Newtown) but I've been
to the branch in Melbourne and it's the best concept ever! The people working there are volunteers and
offer a buffet with all kind of vegetarian food. In the end, you pay as much as you think the meal was
worth (normally around $12, preferably more). An absolutely cool experience, go check it out!

If you just want to hang out somewhere nice for a while, sit down in the Botanic Garden or at the Circular Quay/
Opera House. There are always people around and most of the time you can even enjoy some live music for free.

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Looking for something to do on Saturday? The place to be is definitely the Flea Market in Glebe on Glebe
Point Road in front of the primary school. I personally love flea markets and this one is honestly the best I've
ever been to. Loads of pretty pop up stores selling braletts, christal chocker etc but also a huge amount of
students selling their super stylish clothes for basically nothing. Every second vendor looks like a model and the atmosphere is just really relaxed. Sit down to enjoy a Turkish kebab or try homemade granola for free. And
since you are already there, go and check out the Fish Market on your way back into the city. The range
of fresh products is huuuge and you might be lucky and grab a bite of salmon somewhere in the alleys -
after eating salmon only once in more than six months the taste made me so, so happy!

To get out of the city centre of Sydney you have to use public transport and have to have a card called
Opal which you can top up with money. Once you enter a bus or a train, just simply tap the card on or off
and they will charge your card the exact amount. On Sundays the amount is capped to $2,50 for the whole day.
So if you want to go to Manly Beach or the Blue Mountains without spending heaps make sure to go at the end
of the week. That is so much cheaper! Of course there is some stuff you just can't miss out on. Bondi Beach and
Bondi Iceberg are definitely two of these attractions. Pack a picnic, grab a towl and hop into the bus. One way
costs you between $3,50 and $4,50, depending on from where you take the bus, but it's definitely worth it! Snap a
pic of the pools (no need to hop in there if you want to save money), then hit the beach, relax and get tanned.

Have you ever been to Sydney? What did you enjoy the most? Or do you
want to go there one day? Let me know in the comments below.

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